Personal data policy

MLS Medical and GDPR:
MLS Medical AS collects only personal information given voluntarily in connection with doing our mobile services, sales and customer contact. We do not collect data through our website.

Collected data are treated according to the Personal Data Act - GDPR.

MLS Medical AS neither purchases nor resells personal data.
You have the right to be informed, get corrected or deleted information that MLS Medical AS may have about you.
If you wish to access or delete the information that MLS Medical AS may have about you, please contact, after which the data controller will handle your inquiry.

For further information about our personal data policy:  go to Personal data policy.


MLS Medical AS`s personal data policy:
MLS Medical AS is committed to protecting your personal information and we treat these in accordance with the Personal Data Act.


  1. When does MLS Medical AS collect and process personal data:

- In connection with treatments, personal data is used for clear identification. Personal data is collected and stored in accordance with safety regulations for use with statistics, documentation and any legal and insurance issues.

-  Personal data for administration, fee and salary processing are kept in accordance with safety regulations.
Job applications are retained until the vacant position is occupied, after which they are deleted unless otherwise agreed with the applicant.

- Addresses of customers and partners.


  1. When does MLS Medical AS provide personal information:

- Personal information is not disclosed to third parties unless required by law.
- In connection with customer service and customer care, information from our address book can be disclosed to our suppliers.
- Personal data is disclosed in connection with salary and fee treatment to our payroll partner, and to relevant authorities / government agencies.


  1. How does MLS Medical AS protect personal data:

MLS Medical collaborates with external IT partner (s) to ensure that our digital data is protected best possible. We regularly update our technical and organizational security procedures.
In practice, it is not possible to establish 100% security and MLS Medical can not guarantee that information is completely protected against anyone who deliberately tries to circumvent MLS Medical's security measures, but we do our utmost to ensure that it does not happen.
You provide your personal information at your own risk.
Should there be a breach of our data security, which compromises your personal information, you are entitled to be informed within 72 hours.


  1. What rights do you have:

If you want access to the information that MLS Medical AS may have about you, please contact the data controller at
You are entitled to know what personal information MLS Medical AS is processing about you. If it appears that this information is incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to request MLS Medical AS to correct, block or delete this information. In addition, you may object to any further handling of information about you.


  1. How long does MLS Medical AS keep personal information:

We keep your information as long as it is relevant or required by authorities. Typically this period is 5 years.


  1. Update of Personal Data Policy:

MLS Medical AS ensures that our personal data policy is in accordance with the Personal Data Act at all times. The current personal data policy will be published on our website