MODULITH SLK >>intelect<<

The versatile lithotripsy solution.

 The MODULITH® SLK »intelect« represents a new generation of lithotripter which can be customised to various demands. The adaptation to urological workstations or the combination with C-arcs is simple for the user. It features the proven STORZ MEDICAL cylindrical shock wave source with its high performance and long lifespan. Motorized movements of the therapy source allow an easy set-up of the device in different scenarios.

When not used the MODULITH® SLK »intelect« can be folded into a space saving position for storage and transport.

  • Motorized movements
  • Compact design
  • Proven shock wave source
  • Modular

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

On-board focal gauge / Touch screen panel / Motorized therapy source positioning

Modular lithotripsy
Combination with tables and C-arcs

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

The MODULITH® SLK can be combined with various operating tables with lateral cutout and with surgical C-arcs. Alignment of the individual systems is accomplished by motorized movement of the lithotripter therapy source. As a result, it takes very little time to get the system components ready for treatment. The over-table and under-table positions of the therapy source can be conveniently saved during the focus check and recalled later as required. Markers on the therapy source enable a simple alignment check of the C-arc and lithotripter.

Designed with a small footprint, the MODULITH® SLK enables easy operator access to the patient and to the controls of the system components

  • Simple alignment and focus check by motorized therapy source positioning
  • Compact design
  • Modular combination with tables and C-arcs
  • Separate use of system components also possible

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

X-ray localization with C-arc / Therapy head in over-table and under-table position / In-line ultrasound localization

SWL addition
The ideal complement to urological X-ray workstations

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

The MODULITH® SLK is the ideal complement to urological workstations such as the PRIMERA ST360® system. With this combination, diagnosis and therapy can be performed without having to transfer the patient to another treatment room.

Patients can be treated with the compact lithotripter directly on the table of the urological workstation. With this system combination, the excellent image quality of the digital X-ray workstation facilitates stone localization and in-line monitoring during the stone management procedure. Of course, the proven in-line ultrasound localization feature can also be used.

The lithotripter is positioned close to the X-ray workstation only when required. If not in use, the lithotripter can be stored without taking up much space, providing full access to the urological workstation.

  • Treatment directly on the urological X-ray workstation
  • Ideal complement to the PRIMERA ST360® system
  • SWL immediately after the diagnosis
  • Perfect use of space
  • Application of shock waves as required

MODULITH SLK »intelect«

In-line X-ray localization with the PRIMERA ST360® / In-line ultrasound localization / Alternative position when used with the PRIMERA ST360®

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