MODULITH SLK >>inline<<

The smart solution.

In-line localization and treatment flexibility

The new MODULITH® SLK makes shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) for stones in all locations of the urinary tract simple and effective. An important element for treatment flexibility is the smart therapy head which can be automatically moved to over- or under-table position according to the location of the calculi.MODULITH SLK »inline«

The cylindrical coil in the unique therapy source of STORZ MEDICAL combines shock wave generation and in-line localization by design. Fluoroscopic localization through the central opening of the therapy head in the vertical AP projection ensures clear orientation for both, over- and under-table position. This proven solution facilitates localization of the stone into the focus.

  • Always in-line
  • Therapy head over- and under-table position
  • SWL adapted to stone position


Left: Therapy head under-table
Right: Therapy head over-table

Intuitive control concept

The new touch screen operating panel can be positioned according to the demands of the operator, on an adjustable support close to the C-arm controls or on the rail of the patient table. The integrated concept keeps all important controls for positioning, shock wave release and safety always at hand in a compact console.

The operation of the new MODULITH® SLK is intuitive and simple. Thus a short learning curve is guaranteed. All important functions are available at your fingertips and are easily distinguishable by their symbol and layout.

The treatment relevant shock wave parameters are permanently visible. The scrolling side menu shows the controls needed for the currently performed procedure keeping the user interface tidy and clear.

Routine processes like table movement are facilitated by automated sequences. The operator can concentrate fully on his main task, the successful therapy.

  • Ease of use
  • All import functions directly accessible
  • Automatic sequences facilitate daily routine


Successful endourology

The new MODULITH® SLK is designed to be the multifunctional solution for all stone therapies e.g. placing a double-J stent before SWL or performing URS or PCNL on the table. Trendelenburg tilt and a removable insert plate make the integrated table of the MODULITH® SLK perfectly suitable for successful endourological procedures.

The therapy head can be stowed away ensuring good access to the patient from all sides. A wide range of accessories like stirrups, multifunctional footswitch and drain bags allows a customisation of the workspace according to the hospital demands.

  • Trendelenburg tilt
  • Wide range of accessories
  • SWL and Endourology

Smart solutions

The new MODULITH® SLK comes with a lot of innovations to make daily medical routine easy. The table can be folded to a space saving transport position to move the device in and out of the room. Safe and simple handling is ensured through the integrated brake and anti-tip beam which fix the device securely for operations. The integrated focal gauge is always at hand, allowing re-aligning the system within seconds during set-up.

Remote control of the lithotripter and X-ray from behind lead-glass windows provides perfect radiation protection. The remote control option enables 100 percent control and surveillance of all movements, therapy parameters and X-ray functions. Fingertip controls can be switched from the lithotripsy room to the identical user friendly operating panels in the remote room.

  • Movable
  • Integrated focal gauge
  • Remote control

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