CoreTherm Mobile Service

MLS Medical offers CoreTherm® treatment on a mobile basis.

After careful consideration and consultation with leading urologists, we at MLS Medical have added a Prostalund CoreTherm® to our mobile programme.
You as our potential customer have the opportunity to offer your patients a modern minimal invasive treatment method with success rates similar to those of TURP- treatment, but with a number of advantages over traditional methods.

CoreTherm Schelin catheter

How does the ProstaLund CoreTherm® treatment work?

ProstaLund has improved the traditional microwave technology by adding a patented temperature catheter, that during the treatment constantly monitors the temperature in three points of the prostate.

This is essential for an optimal treatment where the temperature of the inflicted tissue is increased exactly to the temperature resulting in the right amount of tissue in the prostate gland to necrotise.

But when the temperature increases, so does the blood circulation, and a lot of the enduced heat will be transported away from the prostate. However, at a certain point the blood circulation will suddenly drop, and it is essential, that the supply of energy is immediately reduced correspondingly.

Otherwise the temperature will suddenly increase dramatically and damage may occur. This whole process varies a lot from one patient to another calling for the individualised treatment provided only with the close supervision of the temperature offered by the PLFT technique.

With the knowledge of the energy supplied to the gland at any one moment and the increase of temperature in the tissue the computer of the system calculates the blood flow based on Penne’s “Bio Heat Equation”. Also the amount of necrotised tissue, according to “Henrique’s Damage Integral”, is calculated.

Together with the temperature information these parameters are shown on the systems monitor both in numeric value and graphically. T his is what makes the ProstaLund Feedback Treatment™(PLFT) so unique and quite different from earlier systems for microwave treatment of the prostate, and this is the reason that we at MLS have taken on this new method as a mobile service.

Customer-tailored programmes.

The MLS services are tailored to our customers’ needs and patient volumes. Whether you have a small or large number of patients per month, it is cost effective to have the MLS service available whenever you need it. We are at your service if you should have any questions prior to ordering our services.