Bone densitometry

The DMS Group specializes in high technology solutions that serve the needs of the diagnostic medical imaging community. The Group, which includes the two companies, DMS and Apelem, is one of the French leaders in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of imaging systems dedicated to conventional and digital radiology as well as to bone densitometry .

With a strategy focused on technological innovation the Group offers a complete range of imaging systems to practitioners across the globe.


The Stratos dR combines the best in technology and performance, making it the optimal solution for bone densitometry examinations.
The 2D-Fan Beam boasts a detector with 256 elements and provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis!
Exams can be performed in only 30 seconds per site, making the Stratos dR one of the most powerful solutions available.
The best software interface available!
Heavily informed by user comments and feedback, the result is an easy-to-use software interface featuring intuitive menus for an exceptionally easy navigation. Of course this is achieved without compromising on the sophistication of the options, tools and connectivity that are essential to the medical environment.

Main Features
Fast exam times: 30 seconds!
Excellent image quality
Complete solution: multi-site exams and whole body
DVA: Digital Vertebral Assessment �“ lateral image of the spine
Morphometric capabilities to define the fracture risk (ex: Hip Structural Analysis, Frax)
Multi-report provides the option of having up to 4 exams printed on one succinct page.
Automatic ROI (Region of Interest) selection
Easy-to-use software platform
Fully DICOM compatible


3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that uses routine BMD images to modelize a 3D image of the femur. This technology brings new information about bone structure for a more accurate diagnosis and an adapted treatment. This feature is only avaible on the DMS range.