World’s first shock wave device for cardiology.

The MODULITH® SLC is the world’s first shock wave device for the treatment of refractory angina pectoris.


Controlled application of precisely levelled shock wave pulses on ischemic areas of the heart muscle generates new capillaries (neo-angiogenesis) and increases circulation and metabolism. The effect is significant and lasting. Several thousand shock waves are delivered to the ischemic area under simultaneous inline-ultrasound control. ECG-triggering ensures shock wave release only during refractory period of the cardiac cycle, avoiding arrhythmic irritations. Significant reduction of complaints and enhanced cardiac function are achieved. The treatment modality does not require anaesthesia and is essentially free of side effects.


The shock wave source of the MODULITH® SLC is mounted to a balanced articulated arm with hydraulic brakes. The device can be positioned and directed smoothly without effort. According to patients anatomy optimal positions and directions of shock wave access may be selected. Fine adjustment is controlled by a separate manual scanning mechanism. Minimal change of position and direction with the therapy head ensures optimal visualisation and control with ultrasound. Last but not least, individually matched shock waves are released and triggered by ECG to avoid risky interference with cardiac cycle of the patient.

The whole device is built in a trolley to be easily moved into its operation position and stored when not in use.


Shock wave source

Like all STORZ MEDICAL shock wave machines the MODULITH® SLC is equipped with the patented electromagnetic cylindrical shock wave generator. Due to its excellent dosage and stability, shock wave pulses are precisely matched to the individual anatomical conditions. Ischemic areas of the myocardium are selected and exposed to controlled levels of shock wave energy. The cylindrical configuration enables in-line integration of ultrasound transducers for simultaneous observation of the shock wave, passing from skin to myocardium.

The shock wave field is directed according to the live ultrasound image to avoid obstructing bones of the ribcage as far as possible and to keep lung tissue out of the shock wave pass. An important feature of the specific shock wave generator design is its ability to select an extremely wide range of energy levels. For cardiac application very low energy levels should be selected to start with to be followed by a gradual increase to therapeutic levels. Shock wave energy delivered remains precisely on the adjusted level, unless willingly modified. Energy fluctuations as common with ordinary shock wave generators are prevented by the unique design of the STORZ MEDICAL cylinder source.


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