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MLS Medical A/S proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2013.
Our company started in the late 80ies, aroused from the fact that the treatment of urinary stones by invasive treatment was taken over by the new treatment with acoustic shock waves. This treatment became known as Extra Corporal Shockwave Lithotripsy, shortly abbreviated as ESWL.

In the beginning the Equipment for this kind of treatment was rather expensive. Founder of the company; Bent Bagger-Sørensen and associates came up with the idea of offering the ESWL treatment on a mobile basis and founded the company M•L•S Mobile Lithotripter Systemer ApS.

The basic idea, which is valid to present day, was to offer the equipment to the hospitals on a daily basis so they can offer the patients treatment at their own Hospital while keeping the expenses low.
Ever since the beginning in 1988 MLS Medical A/S has developed services, equipment and logistics to meet customer demands.
MLS Medical A/S is covering a market scattered all over the Nordic countries including activities in Germany and Estonia.

MLS Medical A/S is official distributor of STORZ Medical AG in Denmark and Norway. In addition to our core business we install and maintain lithotripters in our territory.

MLS Medical uses state-of-the-art equipment from STORZ Medical AG for our mobile services. The 7th generation of 3 complete new systems was inaugurated beginning of 2013.

The systems consists of mobile lithotripters, ultrasound modules, c-arms and patient tables. The equipment is transported between hospitals in 3 trucks with heating facilities.

Over the last couple of years MLS Medical A/S has expanded its product portfolio. MLS Medical A/S today offers a broad selection of treatments to professional urological departments.

Among new introductions, treatments for andrology and sexual medicine can be mentioned. Furthermore high-end Urodynamics solutions contributes to complete an all-round offer to diverse needs from urological departments.

In 2012 MLS Medical A/S entered the field of nuclear medicine. MLS Medical A/S is official distributor of the Danish company DDD-Diagnostic. Gamma-cameras from DDD-Diagnostic is already installed in Denmark and act as reliable workhorses for the daily routines in Clinical Physiology departments.

MLS Medical A/S is a contemporary and professional company, daily fulfilling customer needs across the Nordic countries. With 12 dedicated and enthusiastic employees, we are looking forward to serve our loyal customers for the next 25 years.


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